ecoGROW January 2010


AquaPonics -The full food circle of blended technologies



Full Circle Nutrition The total nutrition and growth circuit
  1. Hydroponic horticulture produces offcut and residual vegetable leaves and stems.
  2. The leaves form the feed for the vermiculture section
  3. The organic vegetable-fed worms give worm casts and liquid plant supplement that prevents disease.
  4. Worms are fed to the carnivorous fish species in the aquaculture section
  5. Diatoms from the horticulture aqua-troughs are fed to herbivorous fish species, along with organic vegetation.
  6. Fish manure-laden water, enhanced with oxygen and mixed with worm tea is filtered and used to float the hydroponic plant trays in the hydroponic section
  7. The enhanced trough water, diffused with the injected oxygen , flows through the system, feeding the plants with 17 nutrients for complete nourishment
  8. Fish offal is utilized to feed shrimp and in the aerobic lquid plant nutri-stimulant production facility.
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